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A combination of aquaponic farm, polytunnels and a cafe, with a rooftop henhouse crowning the building. This self-sustaining project is run by an enthusiastic group of volunteers and maintains income form the cafe and sale of produce.

Rising population, energy costs and urbanisation are changing our relationship with food, making farming more costly and distancing consumers from farmers. Urban agriculture has emerged a movement in recent years which promises to reduce food miles and engage customers again with food. Simultaneous to this the convergence of natural and scientific agricultural systems opening new opportunities to make farming more resource and space than ever.

FARM:shop began life as an art project experiment to see ‘How much food we can grow in a shop’ and now exists as a self sustaining business, urban food hub, cafe and arts venue.

Over three floors and outdoor space FARM:shop contains mini ‘aquaponic’ fish farm, chicken coops, high tech indoor allotments and polytunnel alongside space for growing is there places for people including café, desk space hire, meeting rooms and event space.

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